• The Foundation

    Select 1 Group Holdings started it all. Founded in 1997, S1G is the parent company for our family of businesses.

  • We Are Events

    We are a full-service, event solutions company. Our project, design and fabrication teams bring ideas of any size to life.

  • We Go the Extra Mile

    Select 1 Transport's main focus: to support our customers and partners with trusted vehicle transportation solutions.

  • The Logical Choice

    AutoLogistics is our vehicle transport brokerage division. We’ll ensure our customer’s budgets go the farthest.

The Driving Force in Mobile Events

We are one of the most respected mobile event companies in the industry. Not just because of our successful track record, and not just because we deliver full tour support. We’re the best because our employees are trained in processes as well as our own highly effective communication process. We account for every detail of every tour, and see it through from start to finish. No matter what the question, we offer options to ensure the answer is “we can.” And we’re the best because we work to the nth degree at every stage of your tour.


Successful Tour Events


Trucks, Trailers and Drivers


Vehicles Transported in 2016


Miles Driven Annually

Our Proven, Practiced Processes.

We all know it; there is a lot that goes into planning an experiential tour or mobile event. We have broken down our areas of expertise to give you a better idea of what you’ll experience with Mobile X Events. Please view "The Process" page for our complete list of procedures.


One of the most important parts of your event happens before the rubber hits the road. Here’s where your event...

Set Up

As locations and times are booked, travel arrangements can begin. In the set up phase of our process, we’ll...

Event Management

The fun starts here! Hours before the event begins, presenters, staff, displays, acoustics, multimedia, caterers,...


To us, ending every individual stop is as important as the stop itself. And, we find ways to help you put that data...

One. Stop. Shopping.

Three branches. One seamless event.

  • In previous years, when you would put on events, you might have six companies involved. We’re bringing all of that together into one. We work together for a seamless, cohesive, exceptional event. And our collective buying power lets us make purchases at cost. A savings we pass on to you.

    Gary Carlson, President & CEO, Select 1 Group