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Have you ever bought something just because somebody gave you the chance to try it yourself? Yeah, we’re kind of like those guys. At Mobile X Events, we really believe that there’s no better way for your customers to buy your product than giving them the chance to get their hands on it. Plain and simple. We’re the one stop shop for everything event planning, product demoing, tour scheduling and otherwise doing whatever we can to bring your products and your product’s people together – wherever that may be. And we really like being those guys.

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Mobile X Events is a turnkey mobile marketing and experiential tour company. We’re the one-stop-shop for building and bringing engaging mobile brand experiences to your audience. Our design and fabrication teams can bring ideas of any size to life, and our logistics professionals have the know-how to get it wherever you’re going.

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What are your goals and objectives for your mobile event? How do you plan to measure your success? What sort of return on investment do you need? Whether you’re planning for a trade show or a national tour, Mobile X Events will help you answer these key preliminary questions – and we’ll go from there.


The first step in the production process is selecting the right property. From there we’ll design and build your equipment with attention grabbing aesthetics, and the strength to withstand the rigors of multiple setups, cross-country travel, and the engagement of thousands of consumers.

We communicate the production process with you while your tour is being created – documenting the entire process from start to finish. We use the time during build-out to finalize marketing plans and brand message, build a website and social media plan, order hand-outs, premium giveaway items, and uniforms. We’ll also finalize schedules, plan events, hire drivers and tour managers, and train personnel.


Once the show hits the road we gather all the appropriate metrics, analyze data and report to you on the success of the tour. We’ll make changes here and there along the way to ensure its long-term success and positive ROI.


We design our clients’ mobile marketing tours with flexibility and integration in mind. This allows their tours to be used to help accelerate the sales process by attracting a broader audience that can interact one-on-one with the products being shown.

Our diverse and state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles enables us to quickly and effectively build out a variety of different floor plans and experiences, so we can help create the right event setup for your specific needs. Whether that’s tents or 53’ expandable trailers, we can meet those needs.


Mobile event marketing is an ideal way to break through the clutter of traditional marketing. By taking your product directly to your prospects and customers, you make it easier for them to interact and experience your brand first hand. As with any marketing event, it’s what happens behind the scenes that make your target’s experience flawless. That’s where MXE comes in.


Step 1: Driver Selection

Instead of having to endure the hassle of finding the right combination of professional driving experience and customer service understanding, trust our professional brand ambassadors to create an ideal event environment.

Step 2: Truck Rental or Purchase

Use our state-of-the-art vehicles and save yourself a great deal of trouble and expense. You won’t have to go through the trouble of finding a vehicle, evaluating its worth, purchasing or insuring your vehicle.

Step 3: Logistic Management

Experience is key when managing the logistics of a national experiential event tour. Our team of professionals handle the event logistics and transport on a daily basis, ensuring your events go off without a hitch.


Turnkey leasing is a simple way to do a marketing tour and have an all-inclusive plan that can be budgeted and approved up front. Our lease typically includes all expenses relating to the tour so you don’t have to worry about cost overruns – and no worries about hidden costs coming up after you start.

Mobile X Events provides the highest-quality trucks, trailers and equipment combined with highly trained drivers and professionals to create an engaging live mobile marketing presence for your company and brand.

Our experiential event marketing gives customers an opportunity to engage and interact with your brand, products and services one-on-one in a unique and memorable environment.

And because of our extensive experience in vehicle transport and logistics, we have the systems, personnel and expertise in place to make your event move. Take advantage of your operational lease program so that you don’t have to purchase your equipment.

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Our Team

Gary Carlson, President & CEO Select 1 Group

Founded Select 1 Group in 1997. Driven by a strategic vision for innovation and an unwavering passion for the logistics and transportation industry, Gary added the divisions of Select 1 Transport, Auto Logistics and Mobile X Events to his S1G portfolio.

Traci Hynes, VP Business Development

Having managed ride and drive events for major GM and Chrysler brands for over 23 years, Traci brings a long history of top-tier experiential marketing experience to the Mobile X team. Now she’s the brains behind everything new business.

Rick Johnson, VP Mobile Sales

25 years of experience with high-profile mobile exhibits, events and tours has put Rick on the cutting edge of the on-the-go experiential marketing scene. His passion for exceeding client expectations is trumped only by giving them real-world, measurable results.

Jonah Thomson, VP Operations

15 years of proven success in the planning and managing of high-impact marketing, media training, tours and logistics support has made Jonah quite the asset. He’s a perfectionist of sorts and the go-to guy for making sure everything goes off without a hitch.

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