Chevron Delo Tour

Over the past six years we have managed a mobile tour for Chevron that presents technology, products and services directly on their customer’s campus. The Delo Truck, an 80-foot mobile education center, is a vehicle that provides informational displays to help visitors understand the importance of premium performance heavy-duty engine oils, lubricants and coolants. It also demonstrates Chevron’s understanding of customers’ challenges and the solutions they provide. The tractor trailer is specifically designed to present at trade shows, special events and Chevron First Source distributor locations throughout the year. Originally launched in 1999, the Delo Truck was the first lubricants mobile education center of its kind.

Over the years, the tour has welcomed more than a million visitors in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Most recently we provided a separate trailer that was used for a Chevron Delo Severe Duty Tour featuring Darrell Ward of Ice Road Trucker and Toys for Tots. The tour drove from Sacramento, CA to Houston, TX hitting 22 stops in 8 days.