MAZON| A Jewish Response to Hunger

“This Is Hunger” U.S. Tour 

The “This Is Hunger” display is a fully mobile 53 foot-long double-expandable trailer that opens into a 1,000 sq-ft area that closely resembles a museum. Visitors will “meet” (virtually) real American’s affected by hunger, then engage in activities and experiences that will deepen their awareness about the complexities of hunger. Visitors will also be invited to join MAZON to advocate for change.

“The messages, as told through the eyes of the food-insecure people throughout the U.S., are meaningful, impactful and deeply moving. For some the experience will be life changing. For all it will be thought provoking. Visitors will be moved to take action,” says Lisa O’Brien, Mazon Project Manager for the “This is Hunger” tour.